Beakbane Ltd, one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of machinery protection systems, needed to automate a process to apply a protective coating to a composite panel, in order to evidence to their customer that 100% of the product had been covered.

Beakbane selected Olympus Technologies Ltd. to supply them with a Universal Robot, to integrate the entire system, and to provide local support for any operational issues during production. Olympus liaised closely with Beakbane’s international partner to ensure a smooth integration and commissioning on site. Olympus built bespoke end of arm tooling including a pneumatic 7th axis to enable treatment of the edges of the panel where the robot would not naturally reach, a flexible hose management package, and the flame torch tool holder, and they designed and implemented all the required safety aspects.

With the programmes written, and the system installed and commissioned, Olympus trained Beakbane to be self-sufficient to re-program for different sized panels. The project ran for 16 months, during which the quality requirements were met throughout, and the robot suffered no downtime whatsoever.

Chris Sheldon, Marketing and IT Manager at Beakbane, said of the solution,

“The contract to coat the panels was completed with the Universal Robot performing perfectly throughout. We never had need to call on Olympus Technologies following commissioning, as they ensured we were self-sufficient to develop new programmes, and the robot was fully reliable throughout the contract. With this contract now complete, we look forward to using the robot on new projects, and would have no hesitation in working with Olympus Technologies again in the future.”

Beakbane Ltd: