OptoForce have created a variety of multi-axial force/torque sensors with a revolutionary optical technology. Fully compatible with the Universal Robots and KUKA range of robots, OptoForce sensors equip industrial robots with a sense of touch that allows for more to be automated and time to be saved.

OptoForce offer both 6 axis F/T sensors and 3D force sensors with a wide variety of advantages such as a high resolution, a robust and durable make-up, easy to use hardware and competitive pricing. OptoForce sensors are also suitable for many types of applications:

  • Presence Detection
  • Centerpointing
  • Handguiding
  • Path Recording
  • Polishing (Plastic and Metal)
  • Box Insertion
  • Pin in the Hole
  • Stacking/Destacking
  • Palletizing
  • Metal Part Sanding