OnRobot has created the most flexible Plug and Produce gripper specifically for the Universal Robot. The RG2 can handle a variety of object sizes and boasts an incredibly simple installation. The RG2 connects directly into the end of the Universal Robot arm, allowing it to move unrestricted by cables, saving time and creating a tidy appearance.

In addition to ease of use, the RG2 offers many other features:

  • Dual gripper operation – Two RG2 grippers can be mounted on the same arm and connected through the single end of arm socket. This enables optimum cycle times when loading and unloading a CNC machine or other piece of equipment.
  • Width feedback – The RG2 is capable of detecting width without having to initialise on start-up
  • Automatic payload calculation – This allows the UR arm to calculate the gripper weight and the payload
  • Failsafe operation – The RG2 will maintain gripping force in the event of power loss
  • It supports infinite loop on the UR3
  • UR+ plugin made in Universal Robots layout style, ensuring that installation and operation is seamless

OnRobot has just announced a 2nd gripper in its range, the RG6, offering 160mm of stroke and 120N of force. OnRobot now have the most versatile range of 2-finger grippers on the market.

Want to see the RG2 in action? Visit OnRobot’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp7Zmx9IiSszDgNTEDvesJw

Interested in seeing the RG2for yourself? Contact Olympus Technologies today on 01484 514513 or email info@olympustechnologies.co.uk