Olympus has recently developed a unique welding application for the Universal Robot (UR) series. Combined with a Dinse torch and a Lorch MicorMIG 300 welding machine, the application is capable of providing an economical and high quality robot welding solution that is perfect for simple and repetitive welding processes.

With almost 30 years of welding, cutting, robotics and automation experience, our welding system perfectly combines three of our product families in order to create a welding application that has unique benefits:

  • Affordability: The UR welding system provides great value for smaller businesses seeking to invest in robot welding.
  • Easy Programming: UR have developed arguably the simplest programming interface on the market, ensuring a quick and smooth transition into production.
  • Fully Integrated: We have passed full control of the Lorch welding characteristics to the UR’s teach pendent. This enables welding parameter changes to be made mid-process.
  • The Lorch MicorMIG machines provide a very high electrical efficiency. They also allow for future upgradability by being able to add additional welding processes.
  • The Dinse robotic torch is German made and of very high quality and this quality extends to its long-life consumables. It can provide 300a welding at a 100% duty cycle.

If you are interested in the Universal Robot welding system or would simply like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01484 514513 or email us info@olympustechnologies.co.uk.