• Universal Robots have sold more than 50,000
    collaborative robots which are used in several
    thousand production environments every day
    around the world
  • Discover KUKA's vast range of industrial robots
    with all manner of different variants and
    optional extras and in all different sizes
  • SensoPart concentrates on the development,
    production and marketing of optoelectronic
  • Universal Robot Welding Cell
    Olympus Technologies has Developed
    a unique MIG welding application for the
    Universal Robot
  • | Welding Supplies | Quality Guaranteed |
  • KUKA Robotic Welding
    Olympus Technologies UK Integrators
  • Universal Robot Palletising System
    Olympus Technologies has developed
    a unique Universal Robot Palletising System
    with bespoke offline pallet configuration software
  • Offline Programming Software

Olympus Technologies

Olympus Technologies is an innovative robotic integrator, specialising in delivering high quality bespoke turnkey projects across multiple business sectors, as well as creating ‘off the shelf’ robotic solutions for common business processes, including welding, palletising and laser marking.

Olympus is the agent in the UK and Republic of Ireland for Dinse Welding Systems. We are a partner for Universal RobotsKUKAOnRobotSensoPart, Nederman, Octopuz, and a number of welding machine manufacturers.

For customers local to Huddersfield, we are your local agent for BOC Industrial Gases and have a Welding Supplies Trade Counter.

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