Welding Universal Robot Integrator Case Study – Storth Machinery

We are really proud to share with you our second Universal Robot Integrator Case Study in collaboration with Storth Machinery.

Storth, like a lot of engineering companies, was struggling to find qualified welders, and the welders they had were spending too much time on basic and repetitive welding tasks. The company needed a solution that would enable it to increase its production and free up its human capital to focus on more interesting, higher margin work.

Olympus designed a bespoke collaborative welding application, capable of performing a wide range of basic welding tasks.

The results were instant. By reallocating staff away from basic welding tasks and on to specialist fabrication jobs, Storth was able to take on contracts with higher margins. It has gained an equivalent of two welders in production and the automated solution is producing twice the quantity of scraper parts that two staff were managing beforehand.

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