A small number of Universal Robots can be used to support the teaching of a large number of students. Students can access a free simulation environment where they can work on their own laptops to create UR programs. The simulation environment gives a visual representation of the movement of the robot. Students can then upload the program to the robot in the room, and can then touch up their positions, and test the programs they have written.

The robots are very easy to redeploy into different tasks. Quick change tools can be swapped within seconds, and across the space of a few hours, the same robot could be used for classroom-based teaching, for machine tending, and for a PHD student’s research project.

To support this, Olympus offers a mobile stand with a fold down working area, which allows the robots to easily be moved between lecture rooms and labs. The robot controller travels on the stand, and all you need in each location is a 240V plug socket.

Olympus is happy to support you through a journey into adopting Universal Robots into your college.

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