OCTOPUZ Offline Robot Programming Software

OCTOPUZ is a powerful Offline Robot Programming (OLRP) software environment, which is changing the way integrators and manufacturers program, deploy, and reprogram their robots. By programming robot functions in a virtual, offline environment (on a computer), OLRP eliminates the need for robots to be taken out of production for manual teach pendant programming, greatly improving productivity and the bottom line.

In OCTOPUZ, users create detailed virtual simulations of their real-world robot cells, complete with machinery and manufacturing components, in minutes. Within this virtual cell, OCTOPUZ uses built-in machine logic to automatically identify the optimal toolpath trajectory and program the required code for a multitude of industrial tasks. The code is then accurately converted to the robot brand’s unique language for use in the real world.

OCTOPUZ and Olympus Technologies

Olympus first experienced the power of the OCTOPUZ OLRP software in a project it delivered to an established customer in the summer of 2019. A vision system was used to determine part position and orientation, and this information was used to adjust the part programming path passed from OCTOPUZ to the robot.

Following the successful project, Olympus conducted negotiations with OCTOPUZ, and are now pleased to be their partner in the UK & Ireland.

Jon House, Co-CEO of OCTOPUZ Inc

Olympus Technologies is what we consider a great-fit partner for OCTOPUZ. We have very complementary products and expertise, ultimately providing our joint customer base a well-rounded solution. Specifically, Olympus has a strong presence in the UK with robotic welding for both KUKA and Universal Robots. We are interfacing with the Olympus team daily and we are excited to grow our partnership by serving our customers well

Extend your reach with OCTOPUZ features

CAD and CAM integration

OCTOPUZ software is compatible with multiple CAD file types and CAM systems, enabling users to import their specific cell environment into the virtual space, making it easy to program paths onto parts and create the code for your industrial robots.


On importing a CAM path into OCTOPUZ, PathImporter automatically attaches your part to the workpiece positioner and systematically positions it so it has a reachable starting point.

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