Only 1 week to go till Automation UK!

With only a week to go we would like to invite you to join us at Automation UK where we will be showcasing some of the best vision technology from our partners SensoPart and wenglor sensoric group!

Demo 1:

Using a combination of the latest technologies from SensoPart and Vention, our 1st demo utilises various object detection techniques to carry out part inspection and positioning. The system utilises SensoPart’s new AI detection algorithm to analyse part quality, detect defects and provide feedback of important data to users. In addition, Vention’s robot-controlled manipulator allows parts to be programmatically positioned for multi-feature inspection.

Demo 2:

Our 2nd demo features a combination of technologies from Wenglor, Wingman and OnRobot to demonstrate the flexibility of automatic tool selection through visual detection of parts. Using the Wenglor B60 Smart Camera to classify and locate objects, the robot is able to identify and select the correct gripper to pick the part.

Demo 3:

Demo 3 utilises the Wenglor MLSL profile sensor to detect and measure parts, allowing intelligent tool path generation of the robot.  When parts are detected, the measurement data is used to accurately set the tool path, minimising programming effort and maximising accuracy. This process is ideally suited for dispensing and welding applications.

Come visit us on Stand B38, 20th & 21st June 2023 at the CBS Arena Coventry!

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