About KUKA

KUKA offers a wide range of robots offering various payload capacities and reaches. KUKA’s spectrum of products also includes the appropriate robot peripheral equipment – from linear units and manipulators to end effectors. Combined with cutting-edge software and innovative controllers, Olympus Technologies can develop and integrate individual solutions for your manufacturing processes.

KUKA offers a comprehensive range of robots to suit every application:

  • Six-axis robots in virtually all sizes with different payload capacities and reaches and a wide range of different variants.
  • Heat- and dirt-resistant robots for extreme ambient conditions
  • Industrial robots in cleanroom variants for strict hygiene requirements
  • Small robots with waterproof equipment suitable for use in machine tools
  • Press-to-press robots with enormous reaches for loading and unloading large parts in press-linking operations
  • Palletizing robots for handling tasks of all kinds
  • Welding robots designed for accuracy and utmost agility
  • Shelf-mounted robots in all variants
  • High-accuracy robots for utmost precision


Olympus Technologies will design your Kuka robot system to your requirements. Along with your robot we can supply manual and automatic turntables and external axis manipulators to provide two or more working stations. All additional axes can be completely integrated with the main robot controller, enabling complete synchronisation.

If you would like to talk to us regarding an automation project please contact us here.

Industrial Robotic Welding

Olympus Technologies has a high level of welding expertise that ensures we have the perfect combination of skills to automate any welding application. We support customers across the whole of the UK and Ireland. To view our KUKA Welding page click here.

If you would like to know more about KUKA Robotics, give us a call on 01484 514513 or complete our online contact form.