SMB Pressings Case Study

Universal Robot Welding Case Study

Presswork manufacturer SMB Pressings has increased its working capacity with investment in a new Universal Robot Welding System from Olympus Technologies Ltd., based in Huddersfield, UK.

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About SMB Pressings

The company employs 22 people on the shop floor and another eight in the offices but its growing orders has prompted it to expand its workforce.

The company’s welding and fabrication work includes benching supports for the leisure sector, brackets and framework for modular buildings, staging and guard rails for the utilities sector, seating for the healthcare sector, garden furniture, street furniture, cabinets, bicycle and smoking shelters, and work benches.

Supporting SME’s

Olympus Technologies launched the Universal Robot Welding System to the market as SMEs needed a quality robotic welding solution at a lower price point than previously available. The welding processes are easy to program through the use of bespoke software written by Olympus. It is installed in a day, and can be in production the following day. Full training is provided before commissioning.

SMB Pressings

Company Statement:

Alan Vincent, Production Planning and Customer Operations Director, SMB Pressings, said:

“We chose Olympus’s welding system as they demonstrated its ease of programming with our parts, and its price compared to other solutions out there.”

“Four months on from placing the order, the robotic welder is now installed and fully operational. It will enable the company to increase the volume and quality of work it can complete in a day.”

“It’s going to be a valuable addition to our capabilities. It will deal with the more monotonous welding which will help to free up skilled staff for other duties, which will be a major benefit as we’re really busy at the moment.”

“We do a lot of work with the washroom industry, together with lockers, extrusions and others. Much of what we do is for local companies but we will look further afield as we’re well located where we are for the wider Midlands area.”

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