The Olympus Technologies Universal Robot Welding System

What makes the Olympus Technologies UR Welding System the leading collaborative welding solution in the UK and Ireland is its software. Developed in-house, the software makes the job of programming the robot very easy.

One of the customers looking to purchase the system was invited to bring their own parts to the demonstration, just to see how quick it was to program. Our demonstrator started on a circular weld, and within 10 minutes this was being welded better than they currently achieved manually.

The customer has since placed an order. The Olympus UR Welding System is also unique in that we partner with multiple power source manufacturers, meaning that we can select the best power source for your requirements, or you can choose the brand you know and love.

Watch our videos, our customer case study, and see our brochure here. Better still, give us a ring, because we’d be delighted to help you increase the welding capacity in your business.

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