Automate your end of line palletising with Olympus’ easy to operate UR palletising system

  • No robot programming required
  • Depalletises as well as palletises
  • Fully customisable cases and pallets
  • Picks single and multiple cases
  • Cases picked together can be dropped separately
  • Up to 8 cycles, 80kg per minute
  • Bespoke grippers available
  • Full UK Support

Your Olympus UR Palletising System delivers maximum flexibility in minimum footprint

  • Pallet configuration is performed on a separate laptop to ensure the palletising system remains in production whilst preparing new products
  • Pallet trucks can remove full pallets without it stopping palletising on the 2nd pallet
  • Footprint – 3.2 m x 2.6 m
  • Maximum pallet height of 1.9m
  • Fully UKCA Marked Solution
  • One end effector can handle multiple case dimensions
  • Supports pallets up to 1200 mm x 1000 mm
  • Layer Sheets / Boards can be incorporated into the solution
  • Bosch Rexroth linear slide
  • Mobile solution available

Pallet configuration made easy with graphical drag and drop software

  • Pallet configuration is performed via the easy-to-use PC application to ensure your palletising system remains in production whilst configuring new pallets.
  • Place your cases on the graphical pallet and let the software do the rest.
  • Every layer can be configured differently.
  • Offline configurator automatically chooses an optimal pick / drop routine.
  • No robot programming necessary: the Olympus Palletising URCap creates the robot program automatically from the configuration file.
  • The completed pallet configurations are stored on the robot: there is no need to re-import existing files from the configurator. To change product, simply run another program on the robot.

If you would like to know more about the Olympus UR Palletising System or for a demo please call us on 01484 514513 or fill out our online contact form.