Launch of the Olympus Technologies Universal Robot Press Brake Tending Solution

We are pleased to reveal our Universal Robot press brake tending solution for automating the TRUMPF TruBend family of machines.

Our custom designed pneumatic gripper, capable of 180-degree rotation, and individual cup control with feedback, allows for simple and efficient manipulation to give the fastest results with the widest range of parts. The modular gripper allows for pinch grippers and additional suction cups to be added to increase the number and size of parts it can handle. Additional software developed by Olympus (URCap) provides effortless control of the gripper for operators.

With the robot mounted on a mobile trolley and a single cable to connect/disconnect to the press brake, operators can effortlessly move the robot away for manual operation of smaller batch parts at any time.

If you would like to know more about our Universal Robot press brake tending solution and how we could create a solution for your press brake machine, please give the Olympus Team a call on 01484 514513 or email [email protected].