Olympus Technologies is the UK distributor for Dinse welding products

Dinse offers a complete range of welding products from manual welding to products for robotic and automated welding. All their welding systems stand out due to their extreme precision, long service life and safety. Olympus has partnered with Dinse for over 30 years and we are happy to work with our customers to find a cost-effective solution for any welding application.

Quality Assured

DINSE welding and brazing systems stand out due to their extreme precision, long service life and safety. For many years now, Dinse has been considered the standard in quality for the entire sector.

Dinse has introduced a quality management system as per DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, which has taken hold in the entire company. Exemplary production processes and the “Made in Germany” quality characteristic distinguish the DINSE brand.


High quality manual MIG torches come with a range of designs and ratings, for example gas cooled torches up to 320A at 60% duty cycle and water cooled torches up to 500A at 60% duty cycle. Automatic and robotic torches are also available.

Standard robotic MIG systems include both gas and water cooled torches with a high degree of modularity and common parts. Standard TIG systems are also available with the option of cold wire feed.

Dinse connectors, plugs and sockets

The DINSE ORIGINAL connector is a worldwide known brand name that stands for the highest quality, precision and load-bearing capacity for the current transitions of high-performance electric devices. It ensures a fast and absolutely safe connection of power cables.

The proven basic components of DINSE cable connectors have decisively contributed to trouble-free welding operations for more than 60 years. Arcing at the current transfer or fusion of the inner parts are excluded. This results in a long service life and low wear. Due to their precise conical  t, the DINSE ORIGINAL plugs and sockets are always at least as strong as the connectable welding cables.

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